River City Poetry, May 15, 2018: “Following the Curve” (Review of Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg’s chapbook of the same name.)

River City Poetry, May 15, 2018: Three Poems, “Family,” “When Is It Summer in Kansas?” and “Breathe.”

SageGreenJournal, April 7, 2018: “At Night in the Southern Rockies,” a poem reprinted from my first book, Music I Once Could Dance To, Coal City Press, 2014.

Zingara Poetry Review, April 5, 2018: “Late Freeze,” an interlocking Rubiyat form poem.

Psaltery & Lyre, 2/26/2018: “Angel Ordering Exiles from Paradise” (A poem that is included in my chapbook Amanuensis Angel, Spartan Press, 2018.)

KYSO Flash, 2/28/2018: Three lineated poems, “Annunciation Angel,”  “Front doors…” a cinquain, and “Hospice,” a Haibun, “Peru,”, and three prose poems, “Revolving Toward That End,” “With Apologies to Walt,” and “Words for Snow.”

Heartland! Poetry of Love, Resistance, & Solidarity, 2/19/2018: “Grain Elevator Gray” (A “Golden Shovel” poem inspired by Liz Berry’s “Birmingham Roller.”)

River City Poetry, 2017: “Solar Flair” (A “broadside” that combines art and poetry. Roy Beckemeyer’s ekphrastic poem responding to Malissa Long Wilson’s art.)

phanaerozoic, 11/20/2017: “Benevolent Angel” (An ekphrastic poem inspired by a Leonard Baskin etching. This is also included in my chapbook, Amanuensis Angel.)

MockingHeart Review, 8/31/2017: “Sweet, Your Heart

Whale Road Review, Summer 2017: “Poetry As Conversation: Renga As a Class Project” (A short pedagogic essay.)

River City Poetry, 7/13/2017: “First Breaths of Arrival” (A review of Tyler Robert Sheldon’s chapbook of the same name.)

River City Poetry, 7/1/2017: “Fumbles Revelations” (A review of Jason Baldinger’s chapbook of the same name.)

River City Poetry, Summer 2017: “Night Sounds,” Pretense,” and “Mayflies Rise

Konza Journal, Summer 2017: “Photographic Essays of Place ~ KwaZulu Natal South Africa” (A creative-non-fiction photo-essay.)

Rusty Truck, 4/27/2017: “The prodigal son goes to the disco

The Ekphrastic Review, 4/19/2017: “Horizons

Pilgrim: A Journal of Catholic Experience, 12/3/2016: “Obeisance

Zingara Poetry Review, 11/23/2016: “Great Blue Heron

Chrysalis: Journal of Transformative Language Arts, 10/27/2016: “Coping through Connections: Faith, Rationality, and Poetry” (An essay on the creative process.)

Whispering Prairie Press, 9/22/2016:Poetry, Memoir, and ‘Biomythography’”  (A short pedagogic essay.)

Whispering Prairie Press, 9/22/2016: “Theme and Variations – Epigraphs and Poems” (A short pedagogic essay.)

Poetry Breakfast, 6/30/2016: “Remnants in the Kitchen, after You Leave for Work

The Ekphrastic Review, 5/12/2016: “Pink Angels” (An ekphrastic poem inspired by a Willem de Kooning painting of the same name.)

The Syzygy Poetry Journal, 4/4/2016: Five Poems: “Skull of Sirius, Crossbones of Cassiopeia,” “The Chase,” “Daylight’s Starring Role,” “Sunset,” and “Magisterial Moon.”

Silver Birch Press, 10/28/2014: “Fables for Children of the North

We Wanted To Be Writers, 9/15/2014: Excerpts from Music I Once Could Dance To

The Light Ekphrastic, 8/2014: “Oh, Come Share,” and “Lessons” (Ekphrastic works: poems by Roy Beckemeyer, music by Earle Wood)

Kansas Humanities Council, 4/2014: “Front doors” (An American Cinquain.)

Zingara Poetry Review, 2/6/2013: “The Baltimore Catechism – Unrequited Love

A Kansas Renga in 150 Voices, 2.4.2012: “…the universal truth of a broken owl

150 Kansas Poems, 11/19/2011: “A Kansas Farmwife’s Snow Song

150 Kansas Poems, 4/5/2011: “We Discuss the Geomorphology of Life